What Blocks Natural 12 Strand DNA Activation?


The question that I receive frequently in my webinars and DNA Activation coaching sessions is: “What blocks natural 12 Strand DNA Activation”?

First it is important to understand the ORIGINAL design and how things are SUPPOSED to work when the Earth’s grids and the DNA is operating properly.  The original Angelic Human DNA is designed with a 12 strand double helix energetic DNA blueprint.  What this means is that each human with a 12 strand template has the potential to EMBODY 12 dimensions of consciousness.  If there weren’t any blockages, distortions, or unnatural seals in the Earth and in the human DNA, this is the way it would work:

1) You would be born with a 12 strand DNA template.  3 of those strands would be active at birth which means you could embody 3 dimensions of consciousness.  Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies.  These correspond to chakras 1, 2, and 3 (root, sacral, and solar plexus).  Dimensions 1, 2, and 3 correspond to your Incarnate Self spiritual identity.

2) From age 12 until 22 you would activate strands 4, 5, and 6 naturally by accreting light into your morphogenetic field simply by the interdimensional frequency coming into the Earth’s auric field and thus your own auric field.  Once you activate strand 6, you are a fully embodied Soul Identity and can draw and hold frequency from Harmonic Universe 2 (dimensions 4, 5, and 6).  You are living completely IN LINE with your mission and make all of your free will choices in line with Source-will.

3) From age 22 until 33 you would activate strands 7, 8, and 9 and embody your Oversoul spiritual identity.  So you can draw and hold frequency from Harmonic Universe 3 (dimensions 7, 8, and 9).  Your consciousness expands even more as you are activating more fire letters on your spiral back up to becoming AT-ONE-WITH Source/God.

4) From age 33 until 44 you would activate strands 10, 11, and 12 and embody your Christos Avatar Self spiritual identity.  At this point you are a walking Avatar on Earth and can demanifest your physical body and turn it into light (ascend).  This is what is called biological transmutation and is built into the original human DNA design.  So instead of leaving a body behind you transmute it into a less dense form (from carbon based matter to silica based and then etheric, and then eventually liquid light).

So this is how the original DNA is supposed to work and also completely explains the basic process of spiritual evolution.  Spiritual evolution does not happen without DNA activation.

The reason this doesn’t happen naturally anymore is due to blockages in the Earth’s grids caused by ancient cataclysms and tampering with the human DNA.  So now what happens is that there is an unnatural seal on strand 4 which prevents it from ever activating (the Zeta seal).  There are also many other unnatural seals like the Metatronic implants, Templar seals, Crown of Thorns, Jehovian Seals, cell death programs, and many others that we clear in the sessions.  So instead of a person activating strand 4 during adolescence, the chemicals back up in the DNA creating all kinds of weird emotional issues and physical imbalances.  This is not natural.  Strand 4 never gets activated and thus a person never activates their Soul Identity.  Thus they have no idea why they incarnated here, what they are here to do, and cannot even connect to and listen to their Higher self (because their 7 higher senses are not active).

So physically we have only 4 chemicals in the DNA for ALL species and the DNA on the planet all appears to be BASE-4.  Human DNA is BASE-12.  So there should be 12 chemicals, 12 strands, and 144 chromosomes instead of 4 chemicals and only 46 chromosomes manifesting.  This is why people only are able to use less than 10% of their brain and why 97% of the DNA inside of your cells is not active (the part that conventional science labels “JUNK DNA”).

We know that nature did not create junk and that those DNA sequences are there just waiting for the right frequency codes to activate them to evolve the human species.  So that is why we have to do manual DNA activations now.  Every master that has ever walked the planet has had assistance from higher beings on activating their DNA (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Babaji, Kuthumi, etc.)

If you read my book Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji, you will see the exact DNA activations he did for me, word for word, and understand the importance of DNA activation for the survival of our species from now until Dec. 23, 2012.  It is my mission to help with activating the DNA of the 144,000 Indigo Children before Dec. 23, 2012 and we are almost there.  When this happens, the Indigos, which are the frequency holders of the Earth, will use THEIR DNA to run into the Earth’s grids, the Earth grid frequency will reach CRITICAL MASS, reset all the distortions back to Divine Right Order, and we will restore the Original Organic Imprint for Health and 12 dimensional frequency on the planet so that we can ascend TOGETHER.

I am honored and grateful that you have been guided to this work and look forward to assisting you with EMBODYING your soul’s mission and Higher Self.

Much love and respect,

Toby Alexander

Author of The Great Master

Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji

Co-founder of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution