Toby Alexander


Toby Alexander, brings a completely new and radical energy to the personal development space. His focused, insightful, “down to the particle level” healing and coaching ability consistently draws thousands of people around the world into his live webinars and workshops. Toby teaches internationally and is known as a leading authority in the areas of human behavior, DNA activation, ascension, NLP, and Design Human Engineering.

Toby Alexander, is a coach, speaker, seminar leader and author. He is a leading expert in a variety of fields including energy medicine, emotional mastery, peak mental strategies for optimal performance, 15th dimensional physics, futures and forex trading, SAP, remote viewing, and distant healing.

Toby, after graduating with a degree in Computer Science and working at a Big 5 consulting firm in the U.S., studied with Sri Babaji Nagaraj for 5 years, and eventually wrote 2 books with him – The Great Master, and Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji.

Toby is also the author and creator of the Great Master Certified Teacher Program, The DNA Masters Certification Program, The Ultimate Auric Clearing Manual, Christos Avatar Trading, and the Affluent Consultant Coaching Program.

Today, Toby is a sought after teacher, healing facilitator, and consultant, and travels extensively sharing unique perspective, grounded no-nonsense clarity, and wisdom. For more information about events, programs and experiences, please Contact Us.


Toby works with people who desire to manifest something in their lives that they currently do not have (happiness, inner peace, financial independence, or soul mate) and clear the source of those blockages. After working with over 1 million people in the last 15 years, he has experience in working with the most malevolent and discordant energy blockages and knows how to clear these permanently. He also is an expert on the Law of Deservedness and gives one on one phone sessions to help people resolve childhood emotions, beliefs, and conclusions made in analogical experiences. He is passionate about helping people resolve their dysfunctional family upbringings so that they can be free and embody their own soul’s mission. He is frequently interviewed on the radio for his unique insights on spiritual evolution, 2012, and bio-energetic healing.


Toby is an initiated warrior and has trained with the Mankind Project and mentored many teenage boys through the worldwide organization, Boys to Men. He believes that the reason why most men today are just teenagers in man bodies is because the initiation process has become lost. Through his Emerald Men’s Mentorship Program, he mentors hundreds of men who desire to regain and fully embody their power as masculine men, who are impeccable, elegant, powerful, and whole.


Toby realized from his own life experiences the most important law in the Universe – the Law of Deservedness. This law states that you will only manifest into your life what you feel you deserve at a subconscious level. And if you manifest more, you will either sabotage it, or push it away. After seeing this law manifest in his own life and in the lives of thousands of his clients, he developed specific training webinars and phone sessions to clear the source of all undeservedness at the subconscious level, and today he has a long waiting list of clients for these types of one on one sessions.


Toby has been actively trading the markets since 1996 and is recognized as one of the best gold futures traders in the world. He has developed dozens of mental training and coaching programs for traders, and can quickly recognize the source of any trader’s lack of consistency or ability to follow their rules of engagement. He frequently publishes his live trades on YouTube to empower other traders and show how trading can be used as an instrument for self-mastery. He developed Christos Avatar Trading to help people escape what he calls “wage-slavedom”, low frequency job environments, so that they can set their own schedule, log in and extract profits from the market at will, and have the time to focus on more self-development activities.


As a multiple business owner himself, and with his over 10 years of management consulting experience at such companies as Coca-Cola, Union Carbide, Florida Power and Light, Reliant Energy, and Ernst and Young, Toby knows the business side of personal development as well and has a program called the Affluent Consultant Coaching Program where he guides people on how to create a stress-free, affluent consulting practice in 7 weeks, focusing on marketing to the affluent and providing exceptional service, impeccable customer service, and a unique non-sales experience.


Toby Alexander has over 1000 worldwide certified practitioners of his various training programs and currently offers the Golden DNA Activation Facilitator’s Training, The Great Master Certified Teacher’s Program, and the DNA Masters Activation Facilitator’s Training.

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